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Where breeders and veterinarians join forces to create future generations of well-bred dogs.

Our goal is to be your partner for success with your kennel and breeding program. Our highly trained staff understand the commitment you have made to your breed. We are here to help you produce healthy, sought after puppies. Whether you are producing Best in Show conformation dogs, Performance dogs, or family pets, we strive to keep your whelping boxes full of healthy puppies and happy dams, and your stud dogs thriving and preserved for the future.

Breeding Your Animal

Our team of veterinary professionals understands the commitment and financial investment that goes into breeding and showing purebred dogs.

Whether this is your first time breeding your dog or cat, or you are an experienced breeder, our veterinary team is here to help. We are committed to ensuring that you and your animals have a stress-free experience as you move through the breeding process.

Our goal is for your dog or cat to have a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and trouble-free birth.

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Canine & Breeding Reproductive Services

Our reproduction team has advanced training, extensive experience in assisting breeders with reproductive issues. Through our team’s guidance and knowledge, we are able utilize proven techniques and advanced technology to meet breeder’s and their dog’s reproductive needs

Breeding Timing By Progesterone

Because of the expense, and critical nature of the appropriate time of insemination, progesterone testing is critical to the breeding process. SoCal K9 Clinic, provides accurate progesterone testing and can pinpoint the most optimal day(s) to begin breeding. We use the most advance progesterone machine on the market to provide our clients accurate results.

Successful breeding depends on determining the optimum time for insemination. Factors that need consideration include how the semen is prepared, how a particular female cycles and her reproductive history. We maintain equipment dedicated and calibrated for progesterone testing, this allows us to provide accurate same day results Monday through Sunday.

Canine & Breeding Reproductive Services Riverside CA
Artificial inseminations may be performed by different techniques, fine-tuned to maximize your breeding success depending upon the type of semen being used, the bitch’s timing and age, and the value of the semen being used. Fresh semen can survive for three to seven days in the vaginal vault. Chilled shipped semen may survive approximately three days. Frozen semen only survives for about 6–8 hours once thawed.
Vaginal artificial inseminations may be performed in the standing bitch once she ovulates. Ovulation takes place typically about 5ng/dl. For fresh side-by-side insemination, or when using chilled shipped semen, vaginal AI may be appropriate. Begin AIs once the bitch ovulates, and then every other day for three to four more breedings, if possible.
Transcervical inseminations may be performed in the standing bitch, typically without sedation. TCI can be utilized with fresh, chilled shipped, or frozen semen. Best results are seen with fresh or chilled shipped semen. TCI utilizes a scope to pass a catheter through the cervix and deposit the semen into the uterine lumen. The timing of TCI depends upon the type of semen being used. TCI may be combined with other types of insemination to maximize coverage during the fertile period.
Surgical insemination is typically only recommended for use with frozen semen, highly valuable semen, or when fertility issues have been a problem. This is an invasive surgical procedure so it has risks not associated with other insemination techniques. If frozen semen is being used, a surgical AI is typically performed about 72 hours after ovulation. Ideally, the progesterone levels during this time are between 15–25ng/dl. Surgical insemination may be combined with other breeding techniques, such as TCI before the surgical procedure is done; however, repeat surgical inseminations are not performed during the same cycle.

Semen Services

Semen services are performed in-house and most male dogs are easily collected at our clinic. We can also source a teaser bitch to assist with difficult collections.

Proceed worldwide, particularly on sperm survival at freezing and the identification of deleterious components to spermatozoa or fertilization, providing important information for the preservation of wild canidae semen that are currently threatened or endangered.

Canine Reproduction & Semen Service Riverside CA
  • Semen quality – motility and speed
  • Sperm morphology (what they look like)
  • Sperm count
  • A semen evaluation certificate is provided
  • Samples can be sent to a specialist for further evaluation when needed
  • Any concerns with the semen are discussed at the time of the evaluation and recommendations for further work-up or therapy will be made
  • Semen is shipped in dry shippers cooled by liquid nitrogen
  • This is a safe and effective means of transport
  • Shipping is overnight via FedEx or similar service domestically
  • International shipment times vary