Dental Procedures & Canine Teeth Cleaning in Riverside CA

The Importance Of Dental Care

Most people don’t need anesthetic when visiting the dentist. However, pets often require this procedure for a simple pet dental checkup to ensure they are calm during the examination. It also reduces the risk of injury to the veterinarian and staff. A veterinary dental examination near Riverside, CA, is made easier with this process.

During dental treatment for cats & dogs, they will feel comfortable without the stress, anxiety, and pain. In addition to creating a calmer environment, anesthesia during pet dental care prevents debris and water from entering your pet’s lungs, keeping them safe and healthy.

You must drop your pet off early for pet dental care close to Riverside, CA, to complete a pre-anesthesia exam.

Canine Teeth Cleaning Riverside CA
Canine Teeth Cleaning Service Riverside CA

Pet dental care begins with removing tartar and plaque and polishing the teeth. Our veterinarian will inspect your pet’s mouth to identify potential infections around the gums and tooth roots and the stability of bony structures and ligaments, all components of optimal oral health for pets.

We may recommend tooth extractions if teeth are damaged.

After The Procedure

Following dental treatment for cats & dogs near Riverside, CA, we will review the entire procedure with you. We may offer antibiotics if we identify an underlying condition or infection during the pet dental checkup. Your pet may also receive pain medication to alleviate inflammation and discomfort caused by the veterinary dental examination and cleaning.

It’s typically best to feed your pet soft food for several days, especially if teeth are extracted, to allow proper healing. We may schedule a follow-up appointment within a week to monitor healing and ensure your pet remains healthy.

After discharging your pet, it’s common to notice drooling, drowsiness, or grogginess for a few hours. Your pet should return to normal by evening or the next day, feeling better. However, if you notice anything concerning, contact us immediately.

We aim to give your pet the best chance of optimal oral health for pets.

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